Delivery Information

Alsakr Medical Supplies Company has the ability to deliver products to our valued customers in the following ways:

Our Connection Basics:

The most important thing that distinguishes our thanks to the accuracy in packaging the product in order to reach the customer with the required quality without any damage and when there is any damage resulting from the delivery, whether the representative of the company or shipping companies will bear the delivery of the product.

Complete confidentiality in not knowing the delivery representative of the product required to be connected to the convenience of our customers.

Al-Amanah is one of the most important features of our company, which we enjoy with our customers in terms of not disclosing any information about the customer or publishing them through our electronic pages or even defining the products that reach him through the delegate or shipping companies to the delegate for the convenience of our customers.

Delivery inside Egypt by:

The delivery of the product is handled by the representative of our company in the vicinity of Cairo and Giza and the new cities. As for the governorates and governorates of the face of the sea, if necessary and for maximum necessity, the value must be at least 500 pounds, taking into account the shipping costs for each province separately.

We also have Aramex shipping service for all products (including liquids) for all governorates, both inside and outside Cairo.

There is also shipping by mail for all products (except liquids) for all governorates.

There is also shipping via DHL for all provinces

Delivery outside Egypt by:

Steps to Order an International Order:

1. Determine the required product.

2 - Determine the price of the product in dollars for shipping abroad.

3 - Sending the specified amount through the money transfer company Western Union or on our bank accounts or bank transfer by name and then send a picture of the situation.

4- We then send the orders through the specified shipping companies.


We find the delivery to the Arab and Gulf countries (international shipping) through the following shipping companies:

Aramex for internal and international shipping

DHL Company for internal and international shipping

Postal Company for Internal and International Shipping


There are also shipping to European countries through the shipping companies mentioned above.

We also provide tracking service until the arrival of the products to you by tracking with the representative of our company if delivery by hand, or track with the shipping companies in the following ways:

 You can track your order at using the order number or contact Aramex at 600544000. Your order details will also be sent to you via e-mail once the order is processed.

You can also track your application if it is through the courier company by calling hotline 16789 or telephone 02-23912356 or email

If the shipment is done through DHL, you can also trace it by calling hotline 16345 or 02-95942300 or by email at

You can call customer service number 01017966161 to continue delivery of orders on the day and time.


We do all this to be at the global level to spread our products and enjoy them and to receive products for our valued customers ...

We thank you for your cooperation with us and your trust in us and we wish to deal with our customers forever and be always at your good.

ALsakr Medical Supplies ...